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Shaman’s Cap

Hat is adjustable in the back with straps that are held tight with an elastic covered rubber band.

In the cold…

The cap can be worn snugly to protect the head from wind, but, because it is not too tight, heat is allowed to escape from behind the ears when the body warms up from activity. The back flap covers the neck for added warmth.

In the heat…

When worn loosely over the head, it causes the head to sweat and cools because there is a layer of air between the cap and the head. The back flap protects the head from the sun. The cap is also effective as a sun visor.

I am working to make the cap in three sizes for small, medium, and large-boned heads. A youth cap will be available in the future.

Medicine Bag

Cotton or silk noil with drawstring closer. Opens completely and flat to expose contents. Closes with a drawstring – wrap the strings around button. Secure ends of strings in a loop over another button. Bag is symmetrical horizontally and vertically, creating a balanced bag.

Corn-packed Fabric Bag

Used for throwing to improve balance and motor skills.

Starter bag:

Sharp shooter – will hit the eye in my Styrofoam head with accuracy.

Advanced Bags:

Larger bags – are for tossing into baskets or through a hole in wood as targets.

Medium bags – for greater accuracy in target throwing.

Amulet and Pendants

Image of wrapped stones for pendants
Semi precious Stones wrapped in non-tarnishing silver.
Close up of wrapped stone

Semi-precious stones wrapped in non-tarnish silver-covered copper. Tumbled stones or points are wrapped securely with no weak spots for the stone to slip out of. Can be used as pendants, key chains, cheveral (?) used as ornaments (on medicine bag).

Crystal Point Amulet

Amulets are things of matter that are highly visile to the guardians that protect us from the other world. These stones are securely wrapped for safe-keeping and because of their power they are highly visible to the protective spirits.


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