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Jade 1200

The section of the brain that is affected by scent is located in the limbic system. This is intertwined with the area of the brain that processes emotion. Essential oils have an affect over your emotions—how you feel—as well as stimulate the mind to access the memory.

Jade 1300

Finding the right scent is important. When you smell something that pleases you, you create a pleasant memory. Aromas acquired in the process of working or exercise link an emotional pleasure to the task. In this, you are affecting your present. Because the scent and the emotion are linked, you create a pleasant memory. This affects your past. Taking this kind of control over your past and your present, gives you more control over your future. This empowers your life!

Jade Fallen Leaf

For this to work, the scent must create pleasure. Using different pleasing scents for different tasks improves this affect. It is my job to help you find the right scent with the right therapeutic effect. And I will work hard to do it for you.

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