Storage, Application and Dilution Instructions

How to store and use the perfumes

General Information about storing:
Oils need to be kept in dark bottles to preserve their strength. Bottles can be painted with acrylic paint and repeatedly sprayed with clear enamel. It is better to mix up small amounts of blend at a time and store them in glass bottles. While glass bottles are preferable for storage, there is a breakage danger, which can be overcome with plastic bottles (such as pill bottles). The oil breaks down the plastic, so mix up a only small amount to carry on trips, and buy new containers frequently. The Container Store and many other stores offer small plastic bottles which are leak proof.


When mixing with water, shake the mixture vigorously before each use. Oil dilutions vary according to the individual. Skin and nose sensitivities vary. Start with a dilution that pleases you and experiment until you achieve the desired result.


Use distilled water because there is no chlorine or bacteria in it.
Facial tonics: 1-6 drops oil per ounce of water. Add diluted unscented soap (castile is one option) if desired. to make a soap or cleanser. Jiggle the container before use.
Body spray: Up to 10 drops oil per ounce of water. Compress 5-10 drops to 2 cups of hot or cold water.
Oil/Lotion: Vegetable oil is your base oil. 1 drop of oil blend to teaspoon of unscented lotion or base oil. This is for the face. For the skin you can go up to 5 drops per teaspoon. Oil can be mixed by shaking. Lotion must be stirred well.
Perfume: One part oil blend concentrate to 3 parts base oil. Dab on wrists, ears, temples, knees.
Facial Masks 15 drops per 1 cup of paste. Stir well to distribute the oil evenly in the paste before applying to the face.
For your hair: Rub a few drops directly into hair after washing. Set 4 to 5 minutes before rinsing.
Steam Inhalant: 3 to 5 drops of oil blend per pint or quart depending on strength desired. Do it at least for 15 minutes. Sauna 2 drops per pint.
Room Freshener: Up to 20 drops per ounce of water.
Bath spray For a steam shower, use 6-10 drops per ounce of water. Just spritz it in the shower and stay in the shower for at least 15 minutes for a therapeutic effect.
Shampoo, conditioner, soap, body gel: Start with any unscented type. For soap, castile is a good choice. Use 4 to 10 drops of oil blend per ounce according to oil strength.

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