About Heirron

I have been working with plants since high school. I started off as a floral designer, and ended up working as a certified nursery sales person. In 1991, I injured a nerve in my leg. That caused a permanent disability and I could no longer do the kind of work I had been doing.

I recognized my passion for blending scents in my garden as I blended the herbs on my finger tips while watering. Looking for something to scent my house with (herbs are not strong enough), I turned to essential oils.

As I strive to create a pleasantness with each blend, I do not use words to describe the smell. I think each individual will do that best for her/himself as beauty is in the nose of the beholder. While I offer information on the therapeutic effects of my blends, I am not an aroma therapist. I am a perfumer.

My pamphlets contain information from books and from my own experience as a heavy user. Each blend has its own effect and trial is the best way to determine its effect on you. While I use oils that are considered safe, because they are blends, I do not recommend use during pregnancy (because of possible stimulation of the fetus), asthma flare-ups, or in the bath water.

Please observe warning signs on labels and mention regular use of these oils to your doctor if there is any concern.

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